Costas Christodoulou, Music

I was born in Athens, Greece, in April 1967. I started my love affair with music at the tender age of 13. I am a Multi-instrumentalist specializing in Organ, Piano, Flute and Orchestral Percussion and I am also a Yamaha featured keyboard artist.

My tour in Japan under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization broadened my horizons as to Asian music.

I have transcribed and written over 100 piano arrangements. I have also composed music for over 25 piano and orchestral books.

I have performed on many stages as a session musician for many decades and I have been booked for numerous concerts all over Greece. Over the past few years, I have performed in various theaters and concert halls as a member of Constantine Duo, made up of George Laskaridis (trumpet) and myself (organ). Our repertoire consists of my compositions.

I have also performed at Thessaloniki Concert Hall, one of the major concert halls in Greece ( ).

As a composer, I was featured at Bleeding Fingers contest by Hans Zimmer, among 7000 music compositions.

I have composed music for several fairy tales as well as for the film “Game of Assassins” as an additional composer (Imdb credits ).

In May 2019 I had the honor to be in the finals of an international film music competition organized by Megaron Athens Concert Hall.

Ι had a long-term collaboration with the 1st principal cellist of the National Orchestra of Athens, Dimitris Gouzios. We produced a CD together called “Cello Christmas” that has various arrangements of Christmas carols. Being interested in art, I was recently booked for a painting exhibition featuring the Greek artist Petros Matzakos .

I have been working as a music teacher since the age of 18. I am the conductor of the Youth Orchestra of the city of Farsala.  

You can find more samples of my work in the following links:

Music for Artventure Productions company:

Live performance of my compositions:  

Corporate events, original music:  ,

Personal works, composition, production and video experimentation:  ,  ,  

There is much more work on my youtube channel and, of course, in my private collection. You can also visit my Bandcamp page

Everything new is a challenge for me and I am always open to new collaborations and projects. Even when I am not working on a project, I always compose new music and search for new creative musical ideas.

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