Independent publishing is a team effort. On this page you will meet the excellent contributors which help bring high quality to the Pipe Dream Books projects.

John R. Albers, Editor

Prior to Print Proofreading Services is the one-man show run by John Richard Albers. He’s a cancer survivor and avid cyclist who, thanks to being more aerodynamic now, is sure to win the Tour de France one of these days. Until then, he’s an informal history scholar (primarily because there were fewer people around back then), a bad carpenter who has yet to lose anything that couldn’t be sewn back on, and proud to set the standard of conduct expected of all alumni of his alma mater: UCF. During his stay at the University of Central Florida, he studied both general psychology and English literature, earning a double bachelor’s (magna cum laude) mildly more valuable than top shelf toilet paper.

Accolades (or the Part Where Self-Aggrandizement Is Encouraged)

  • International Baccalaureate award for excellence in Biology recipient, May 2002
  • Undergraduate thesis publication in gradPSYCH magazine, August 2006.
  • Demand Studios Copywriter’s award for productivity (averaging 50 articles a week for internet content explaining scientific concepts to improve client web traffic,) February 2008
  • Post-graduate certification in copyediting and proofreading, completed 2009.
  • 30 short story publications in semi-pro and pro magazines, 2008-2011
  • 10,000 form rejection letters from New York and San Francisco literary agents collected for a single manuscript, September 2009-July 2014 (Turned into a short lived Dadaist art piece. Papers stabbed through metal framework bent in the shape of a tree, showing the constant cycle of destruction and creation. Entitled “Family Reunion.”)

Why We’re Here (Either the Royal We or Dissassociative Disorder… Depends on the day)

This service (or psychosis) came about as the result of mounting frustration with the so-called professionals working in the publishing industry—magazine proofreaders who didn’t know how to work with style sheets, anthology copyeditors who repeatedly butchered one written work after another because they didn’t know any better; it became too much. Our only recourse was to show people how it’s supposed to be done.

We offer competitive pricing, quick turnarounds, and professional editing, copyediting, and proofreading services to a satisfied clientele including published novelists, journalists, up and coming poets, graduate students, multilingual translators, and professional copywriters.

Don’t Believe Us? Talk to the Guy Who Owns This Website!

Feel free to contact us at to ask questions or get a quote on a job, no hassle, no pressure. We’re happy to clarify any issues you may have with the services we offer, and we tailor those services to the need of the client, so all you need do is let us know what you want. Feel free to ask about discounts and payment plans as we are usually running at least one offer.

John Albers can also be found on LinkedIn, though this danged modernifcation was at gunpoint since he still prefers his 1936 Royal Quiet De Luxe typewriter to this here newfangled series of tubes.

Kallie has provided covers for two of the Josh Anvil Series books. Below you’ll find out more about her.

Kallie Ennever, Cover Artist


Q&A with Kallie Ennever
Tell us about yourself: I am a freelance Illustrator and Designer from Sydney, Australia. My style is cinematic scenes with hints of fantasy and a strong influence of Surrealism. I am a visual storyteller specializing in concept design and digital painting; my tools of the trade are my dream diary, sketchpad, DSLR, Wacom & Photoshop.

What types of projects have you been involved with? I have worked on illustration, 2D animation & matte painting projects in various Sydney Animation studios including Heckler (Sixty40), Hackett Films and Mighty Nice. I have also worked with Bloomsbury Publishing and Australian writer Gabrielle Carey to create animated book trailers, and recently contributed to a 2D animated music video for a sydney based band.

What is your art background? I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (First Class Honours) after producing a major project of storyboards & concept art.

What do you see yourself doing in the future? I am always looking for new outlets for my illustrative ideas, and thrive in collaborative situations where I can work with others to bring narratives to life.

How can you be contacted? Feel free to visit my website: And contact me here:

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