John Albers, Editor

John has edited a number of books authored by Bruce Arrington. Below is more information about him.

John R. Albers, Editor

Prior to Print Proofreading Services is the one-man show run by John Richard Albers. In addition to being a cancer-surviving supporter of the Livestrong Foundation, he is an armchair historian, amateur carpenter, and alumnus of the University of Central Florida with backgrounds in psychology and English literature. He has ten years of experience editing and writing here readily available and happy to help.

Why We’re Here (The royal we)

This service came about as the result of mounting frustration with the so-called professionals working in the publishing industry—magazine proofreaders who didn’t know how to work with style sheets, anthology copyeditors who repeatedly butchered one written work after another because they didn’t know any better; it became too much. Our only recourse was to show people how it’s supposed to be done.

We offer competitive pricing, quick turnarounds, and professional editing, copyediting, and proofreading services to a satisfied clientele including published novelists, journalists, up and coming poets, graduate students, and professional copywriters.

Some happy customers include:

-Jean Fleurival, Attorney at Law

-Rhiannon D’Averc, Novelist & Poet

-Matt Hofferth, Short story and Compilation author

-Paul Compassi, Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Counselor

And some nice people even took the time to say a few things about us…

A Few Things

“To my chagrin, my first two novels were not published, and for good reason. In spite of my diligent review they were full of misused verbs, inappropriate modifiers, missing punctuation marks and homonyms. I sent them out confident they would be the next best seller. They are still collecting dust.

My next novel was published by a small house, but only after I had it professionally proofread. I have used three different professional proofreaders, but only John Albers of P2proofreader gave me the product I wanted and expected. He was meticulously thorough and provided the feedback needed for my latest novel to hit the New York Times’ bestseller list. Well, my agent is trying.

While I have difficulty finding my own errors, I can usually find them it other’s work. I believe this may be a universal or at least a common trait. Talking to my fellow authors about this problem, they all agree that it is difficult, if not impossible, to proofread your own work with the objectively of a professional proofreader and editor.

I highly recommend John Albers of P2proofreader.”

-Edmond Humm, Floridian Author


“John Albers possesses faultless credentials. During his career, Mr. Albers has acquired a deep understanding of the unique nature of successful editing and proofreading. With his experience-trained eyes, passion for clean and flowing style, and rare ability to focus intently on the job at hand, He is equally well able to help shape a manuscript’s “big picture” and fine-tune its small details (i.e., He knows just how much editing to do on a particular manuscript, when to make changes or merely suggest them, and how to enhance individual writers styles without violating them).

Added to his skilled editing, his extensive educational background in written English (and his congenital hatred for typos and other mistakes), Mr. Albers love of good writing and his cordial people skills make him a conscientious yet easygoing project partner.

Finally, Mr. Albers has earned a sterling reputation in the publishing industry—for good reason. His meticulous attention to detail and unwavering business integrity have won his the respect of his peers and the admiration of scores of contented authors.”

-Nikki G., University of Central Florida


Feel free to contact us at to ask questions or get a quote on a job, no hassle, no pressure. We’re happy to clarify any issues you may have with the services we offer, and we tailor those services to the need of the client, so all you need do is let us know what you want. Our pricing is reasonable and varies largely on the complexity and scale of the job, ranging from $0.50 to $8 per 250-word page. Feel free to ask about discounts and payment plans as we are usually running at least one offer.

John Albers can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn, which he considers to be a real accomplishment considering he’s such a Luddite he was wary of buying so much as an electric typewriter.

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