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A defeated kingdom. A forgotten prince. A powerful resurrection.

Raised by goblins for as long as he can remember, Beon’s life amounts to no more than abject slavery. His worldview is warped to the point of no return. In a desperate act of self preservation, Beon tries to leave his past behind. But he pays the ultimate price as the goblins hunt him down. The kindness of a stranger with great powers gifts Beon with a new life, one with promise for a future, if only he can control that which has crippled his ability to function normally: his fears.

Samuel Miller’s nightmares are becoming reality. The warmongering President has sent troops into virtually every country of the world, and the price of the depleting oil reserves has skyrocketed. But Samuel is tasked with one thing: to save the President from assassination, and his dreams allow him to build the technology to do it. But the price for saving one man’s life could mean the end of life for his family and everyone he holds dear. His choice will either make or break the destiny for many.

Note: this is a screenplay, not a novel

Skaluni, an archetypal outsider with unusual powers, comes of age in his village. He becomes someone the villagers never would have expected, and though he faces constant rejection, he chooses to put others before himself, with increasingly fantastic results. But with the end of the world at hand, will he use his ability to help in time of great need?

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