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Here we present a few books not (yet) in a series.

Rejected by the tribe members of his people, the child Skaluni is forced to live with the one person who sees his value. But he has a powerful secret that his mother tried to hide from everyone. Now he is caught between helping the people who rejected him, and letting them suffer.
Then a cataclysmic event occurs, promising imminent destruction of their world. As the fears of the people increase, Skaluni must make a choice that could cost him everything.


Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

The Legend of Skaluni is a tale of awakening, superstition and fantasy written by Bruce E. Arrington. A young boy, Skaluni, is confused by the scornful looks given to him by the village onlookers. Just six years of age, Skaluni had been seen as cursed due to his unique looks. After an elderly villager, Kalaj, takes Skaluni under her wing and raises him as her own, she discovers that Skaluni has unique and special powers in his ability to be able to manipulate reality. Kalaj and Skaluni are forced to live away from the village as she raises him into a bright, strong young man. Skaluni’s twelfth birthday, however, brings upon them all a horrific occurrence which threatens to end the world. Young Skaluni knows of a way to save them all, but after years of the villagers treating him as an abhorrent outcast, he carefully ponders as to whether any of them are actually worth saving.

I have to say that this was truly the most remarkable story I have ever read. While a short read, The Legend of Skaluni takes the reader’s mind to a fractured, phantasmagorical world. Bruce E. Arrington’s unique tale is one filled with innocence, confusion, superstition and fear. Skaluni is blamed for the deaths of his parents simply on the basis that he was born. What is sad is that it parallels the reality of so many lives in this world in this respect, regardless of the book being a fantasy. Bruce Arrington’s ability to form the most incredible images from the words he has written is astounding. As a Deaf reader, I rely heavily on visual imagery as I read, and was able to “watch” each chapter unfolding as if I were watching a high quality film with a George Lucas budget. While I will not provide spoilers to those who read this review, I will state that I have not read such a well-written tale in a very long time, and find myself now seeking out more of Bruce Arrington’s books for future reading. I wholeheartedly recommend The Legend of Skaluni to young and old alike who enjoy high-quality fantasy with a surprising and shocking twist.


A defeated kingdom. A forgotten prince. A powerful resurrection.

Raised by goblins for as long as he can remember, Beon’s life amounts to no more than abject slavery. His worldview is warped to the point of no return. In a desperate act of self preservation, Beon tries to leave his past behind. But he pays the ultimate price as the goblins hunt him down. The kindness of a stranger with great powers gifts Beon with a new life, one with promise for a future, if only he can control that which has crippled his ability to function normally: his fears.


Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Trial By Fear: Fallen Powers, Book 1 is an epic fantasy novel written by Bruce Arrington. Beon had been raised by goblins ever since he was an infant and they overran his village, but he was determined to never feel the results of their wrath again. Looking at his bandaged hands, he swore they’d never feast on his blood or take delight in tormenting him because he was leaving — that night. It was cold at the watchtower of Tartan, the outpost where he waited, as the sun was about to rise. When the small goblin, Rezon, brought Beon’s horse to him, Beon wondered if he was making a mistake. His horse seemed to be limping slightly, but he decided to throw caution to the wind, and, after Rezon left, he mounted and was on his way. He could feel the sun on his back as it climbed into the sky, and, for a moment, he allowed himself a sense of triumph, of success at having finally escaped, of freedom. But just then he heard a shrill whistling, and his horse halted and threw him. Beon landed poorly, pain lancing through him, and he sighed as he watched his horse running off without him. They were coming of course, cackling with laughter, and he would be their next meal after they had toyed with him for a good long while.

Bruce Arrington’s epic fantasy novel, Trial By Fear: Fallen Powers, Book 1, follows Beon as he learns to live a life far different from that he experienced growing up in service to the goblins. His rescue by Calandria is wonderfully orchestrated, and his education, undertaken by Calandria and his tutor, Lisilsa, reveals to him his noble birth, the circumstances that led to his captivity by the goblins, and the new world that is now his by virtue of his becoming Agur. I particularly loved his lessons on shape-shifting as Lisilsa first has him experience life as a polvor, a burrowing creature, and then a tor-asvor, a cheetah-like being. These passages had me remembering the magic of reading T.H. White’s The Once and Future King for the first time as Merlin casts young Arthur’s consciousness into all manner of beasts, birds and fish as part of his training to be king. The bond Beon forges with his companion tor-asvor is a marvel to behold. Throughout the story, though, there’s the fear Beon still holds in his heart from the life he led with the goblins. Can he break through that mindset and believe in himself? There are lessons for each reader in this thought-provoking tale about the past and what it can do to one’s future. Trial By Fear: Fallen Powers, Book 1 is most highly recommended.


Samuel Miller’s nightmares are becoming reality. The warmongering President has sent troops into virtually every country of the world, and the price of the depleting oil reserves has skyrocketed. But Samuel is tasked with one thing: to save the President from assassination, and his dreams allow him to build the technology to do it. But the price for saving one man’s life could mean the end of life for his family and everyone he holds dear. His choice will either make or break the destiny for many.


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