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One day you’re a typical middle class teenager. The next you’re a billion dollar commodity. They are coming. For you.

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Kidnapped: The Phalanx Blood Series, Part I is a science fiction novella written by Bruce E. Arrington. Bernard lived a fairly comfortable life; one you might expect to enjoy when your family is comfortably middle class, and your parents are both professionals. His parents thought they were teaching him to give back when they began pushing for him to give blood. They even hosted a blood drive in his honor on his sixteenth birthday, making it pretty darned difficult for him to avoid donating himself. That’s when the problems started. First, his mom told him that Doc Brown was sending his blood out for special testing. Then the pharmaceutical companies learned that Bernard’s blood killed cancer cells, and Bernard’s life began to get very complicated.

Bruce E. Arrington’s science fiction novella, Kidnapped: The Phalanx Blood Series, Part I, posits the terrifying implications that having blood more valuable than gold can have for its unlucky possessor. Bernard is a marvelous main character, and I found myself wishing I could be privy to the waterfall world he creates on his virtual reality gear. Liking him as much as I did, I couldn’t help but feel concern over the quality of his life when there are any number of unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies thirsting after part, if not all, of his blood. Arrington’s plot is clever and well-developed, and his characters are complex and authentic. I’m looking forward to the second book in this series. Kidnapped: The Phalanx Blood Series, Part I is most highly recommended.


Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Over A Barrel: The Phalanx Blood Series, Part 2 is a young adult thriller novella written by Bruce E. Arrington. Time usually seems to go much too slowly when you’re sixteen, but for Bernard the last ten weeks or so had flown by with nightmarish speed. It all started with him agreeing to his parents’ request to donate blood for his birthday, in exchange for some very cool gear, but that simple act instantly morphed into a crazed media event when his blood was discovered to cure cancer — instantly and irrevocably. And while he was able to sign a lucrative and manageable contract with one pharmaceutical company, he found himself kidnapped and held as an involuntary blood bank for five weeks. Bernard would still be there if his three friends hadn’t figured out how to rescue him and helped set him up in a temporary shelter on campus. He even has a tutor who comes and teaches him every weekday. Bernard has a feeling that there’s something off about that tutor, however, especially since he made a study of Bernard’s tiny apartment — ostensibly to find out how large it was. When his friend’s father comes by, with talk about some friends who urgently need Bernard’s blood, Bernard begins to question just how safe he really is.

Bruce E. Arrington’s young adult thriller novella, Over A Barrel: The Phalanx Blood Series, Part 2, continues the story of the young man whose blood cures cancer as he tries to evade the big pharma sharks that have been circling around him. Arrington’s Bernard is a marvelous character who somehow has managed to maintain his wry sense of humor, albeit tempered by circumstance with a hefty dose of skepticism. I enjoyed the first part of this series, Kidnapped, and was pleased to see that Arrington’s sequel maintains the same blend of taut thriller and edgy humor that made the first book work so well. The plot is fast-paced, and the villains are as dark and despicable as anyone could want. What’s next for Bernard? I’m waiting to find out. Over A Barrel: The Phalanx Blood Series, Part 2 is most highly recommended.

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Coverup: The Phalanx Blood Series, Part III is a young adult serial thriller written by Bruce E. Arrington. Life was a beach for Bernard these days, literally, as his home was now a three-story, 10-bedroom beachfront mansion. His days were spent training with his bodyguard, Alexis, his five German Shepherd dogs, and his three best friends. That day, a game of Capture the Flag had brought to Bernard’s attention just how much faster a runner Charlie was becoming these days. Each of the three sixteen-year-olds was developing new skills as part of their survival strategies. Suddenly, however, shots rang out, which put a swift and deadly end to the day’s recreation. Alexis ordered Bernard to get to his safe room, and as he sprinted toward the house, he was stunned to see Betsie, his dog, downed as a result of the attack, and Charlie, who had been hit by gunfire, lying on the ground and bleeding. But the worst was yet to come.

Bruce E. Arrington’s young adult serial thriller, Coverup: The Phalanx Blood Series, Part III, continues the exciting, high-tech story of the teenager with the miraculous blood — blood which can beat any cancer out there. I’ve read each of these marvelous novellas and have loved watching as Bernard and his friends adapt to their new, challenging lives and come of age under the most extraordinary circumstances. You can read Coverup as a standalone, but don’t. This series flows beautifully, and you won’t want to miss a thing. I particularly enjoyed witnessing the developing working partnership of Bernard and Alexis. Arrington’s plot is well-constructed and dynamic, and his characters are authentic and believable. Coverup: The Phalanx Blood Series, Part III is most highly recommended.



Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Pay Up Or Fall Behind: Phalanx Blood, Book 4 is a serial young adult thriller written by Bruce E. Arrington. Bernard is still haunted by recurring nightmares about monstrous beings keeping him cuffed to a steel gurney as needles steal away his blood and life. Those visions are, sadly, all too real to the young man who had been abducted by Big Pharma for his life-saving blood. When he wakes up, he is able, once again, to assure himself that he is indeed safe and free, and living in his beach house with three bodacious and highly competent bodyguards. His parents’ safety is another matter entirely. After Alexis’s sister conned him into revealing their whereabouts, his parents are being held hostage as a bargaining chip to getting Bernard’s cooperation. Bernard has other ideas, however; he will get them back — his way.

Bruce E. Arrington’s serial young adult thriller, Pay Up Or Fall Behind: Phalanx Blood, Book 4, continues the saga of Bernard, the teen whose cancer-annihilating blood has made him a modern-day goose that lays golden eggs. While Arrington provides just enough background to read this book on its own, don’t do it. Read the whole series. It’s worth it. Watching as Bernard grows into his maturity is remarkable. His interactions with Dr. Maxwell Looney and Dr. Schlepper are as captivating as watching world-class chess masters compete, and Arrington’s take on the medical profession and Big Pharma is right on point. This unusual series just keeps on getting better. Pay Up Or Fall Behind: Phalanx Blood, Book 4 is most highly recommended.

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