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The Josh Anvil Series is an action/adventure/contemporary fantasy series starring Josh Anvil, who one day is instilled with other-worldly powers. Read his adventures to learn the secrets behind his powers and those that wield them.

Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door

Josh Anvil has powers, though how he got them is a mystery. He can make living things just by talking about them, and of course they get him into all kinds of trouble. Schoolmates harass him, the FBI kidnaps him, and else something is out to kill him.

Reviewed by K.J. Simmill for Readers’ Favorite

Josh just wanted to go fishing with his dad and quit school. One day, he ventures across the swamp, intending to go to town, but something about this familiar place was different. For a moment he thought himself lost, but all the markers indicated this was the place, and yet, at the same time, it wasn’t. That day marked the beginning of change. Josh had always loved telling stories; it was not only a much loved family tradition, but a hobby for him as well. Something strange has happened to him now. Whenever he spins a tale, it comes to life before his eyes, and this makes him very interesting indeed. With that kind of power at their disposal, the fate of countries could be spun, but he has another gift as well, one of healing. Soon, those seeking to exploit him for their own gains emerge, and they will stop at nothing. What will become of a boy whose passion is in telling stories, when the tales he weaves are brought to life? Find out in Bruce E Arrington’s Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door (Volume 1).

I really enjoyed the descriptive nature of Bruce E Arrington’s writing style. Never having been to Louisiana, it was wonderful to get such a vivid impression. Reading Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door will whisk you away on a magical adventure of the likes of ancient fables. There is an old phrase, the gift of the gab – well, Josh’s gift takes this expression to a whole new level. I completely adored the cast of characters and the role appropriate names really made me chuckle. Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door is packed with great dialogue, and I had such a lot of fun reading this. The camaraderie between friends, even rivals, is believable. Whilst perhaps written for a young adult audience, there’s a great crossover so mature adults would appreciate it too. I really enjoyed this imaginative, gripping, suspenseful and, most importantly, fun story. As this is the first book in the series, I’m looking forward to reading the next. A brilliant book from beginning to end; I’m eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

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Josh Anvil and the Pivotal Weapon

Josh and Troy find themselves in the strange tropical world of Leiasam. They’ve come to experience what wonders await them. But it doesn’t take long before they are on the run from those who conquered this world ages ago. In their attempts to help their humanoid friends, Josh and Troy find themselves immersed in a terrible war that has spanned millennia.

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Josh Anvil and the Gathering Storm

Fourteen-year-old Josh Anvil is back on Earth, having rescued his grandparents from oblivion. After his interview disaster he returns home to face school finals, nightmares, demanding FBI agents, and teacher clones. Meanwhile the Earth’s atmosphere is heating up toward Triassic period levels. With a new girlfriend and a promise of basketball stardom, Josh’s life finally seems to be improving. But is it only the calm before the storm? Weaved in YA fantasy with elements of action and comedy, Josh Anvil and The Gathering Storm captures the trials of a high school freshman with powerful abilities at his command.

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Josh Anvil and the Indomitable Power

The aliens were right: Josh can’t contain his powers. Not anymore, with his subconscious making monsters he doesn’t control. As Earth’s future looks darker with a catastrophic invasion just around the corner, Josh’s world is torn in two. Weaved in YA fantasy with elements of action and comedy, this fourth book in the Josh Anvil series captures the trials of a high school freshman with powerful abilities at his command.

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